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Project management and facility activation is complex. We exist to transform the way that airports, stadium operators, healthcare facilities, and universities bring new projects online and keep them operating successfully. Our consulting and technology services help to protect investments and mitigate risks. When your customers walk through the door, you only have one chance to make a great first impression. Axis is here to ensure your customers experience your facilities the way you have envisioned.

Our team is customer-focused. We are experienced project management, construction, operational readiness, and airport management professionals. We have helped clients successfully open new airport terminals, and maintenance facilities, and have managed move and mobilization efforts for airline terminal transitions. Our customer’s projects have ranged from $500,000 to $15 billion. Our operational readiness software technology and consulting services can easily be scaled to assist any size project.

Our Values

Passionate about success and innovation

The team at Axis is passionate about helping others. Our team has integrity, and we believe deeply in providing a first-class experience for each one of our customers. Our solutions are innovative, and our software is easy to use. We are here to help our customers reach their goals and open and operate their facilities as they have envisioned. We are personable, available, and competent in ensuring our customers are successful.

Our ORAT Approach

Governance and collaboration through structured framework

Integration through design, development, and delivery will ensure your ORAT investment reaches its fullest potential. Axis advocates for early ORAT adoption and stakeholder engagement to reduce scope gaps and align project priorities. We focus on creating an environment of governance and collaboration through a structured framework. ORAT works best when management has bought into the program and participates in the governance of the program.

The Axis approach brings internal teams and external stakeholders together and is a single point of contact for the project. Our ORAT approach increases communication, and collaboration, and brings all processes, systems, and facilities into one single plan. To manage this, we have developed proprietary software that is easy to use and allows for a single source for the construction teams, ORAT teams, operations, and stakeholders to collaborate and manage their activation activities.

Our process ensures success by starting early, establishing leadership buy-in; setting realistic expectations for readiness; engaging and training the workforce; providing the software, experience, and resources required; measuring and communicating progress; developing and executing an ORAT plan that integrates with the program plan; and establishing roles, responsibilities, and governance.

Definition > Planning > Execution > Go-Live > Post Opening Support

If ORAT was not initially considered at the outset of your project, our approach can be adapted for later stages of a project’s lifecycle.

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Our vision at Axis is simple: we exist to help our customers successfully open and operate their new facilities. Our experience and technology will assist your teams in increasing certainty, efficiency, and success. Contact us to learn how we can move your project forward.

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