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Complex projects
can be found across a variety of industries, and Axis is able to help in them all.

Axis orat airport activation and facility transfer
Mining orat solutions


Our team has extensive experience managing airline terminal moves, and opening new mega-cap projects. We have worked in all aspects of the aviation sector and understand each stakeholders’ operations. For many space constrained airports, phase management is critical for ensuring continuity of operations and positive customer experience. From new international terminals to maintenance facilities, our team has the experience and processes to successfully manage your airport or airline project.

Stadiums and Venues

For large-scale customer facilities like stadiums, Axis will bring together the many stakeholders’ efforts to achieve a singular success. By aligning processes, stress testing facilities, and evaluating wayfinding and emergency procedures, Axis will make sure your attendees have an enjoyable experience.

Rail and Freight

Axis can help rail developers manage complex timelines, test features, and functionality, and align many moving parts that will keep your project on track.


Whether activating a standalone hospital or a new healthcare complex, Axis can support the people, processes, and equipment that will bring your project to life.


Our ability to work with EPCs, developers, and utilities means your project will come online quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Mining and Oil

Before your site is open and operational, Axis will ensure that your staff and systems work properly in the new environment. When safety is of upmost importance, the Axis team will evaluate all aspects of your new project and assist in making sure that your new worksite is ready for successful operations.

Resorts and Casinos

Axis helps resort and real estate developers successfully open and operate resorts. We will ensure your guests receive the five-star customer experience that you envision on day one and well into the future. Your resort has one chance to make a great first impression for your guests! Our operational readiness program will make sure your first guests turn into lifelong customers by reducing risk, stress testing your processes, and validating that all elements associated with your resort are ready for operations.

Schools and Universities

The skilled team at Axis will successfully work with the construction teams, project owners, and staff to complete your project before the bell rings.

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Our vision at Axis is simple: we exist to help our customers successfully open and operate their new facilities. Our experience and technology will assist your teams in increasing certainty, efficiency, and success. Contact us to learn how we can move your project forward.

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